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2013 Customer Barreled Upper Reviews

Below are just a few examples left by our customers for barreled uppers they purchased. You can find every review left under each individual item that we sell in our Store.

Review By Mitch F. 12/28/2013

10.5" 5.56 / .223 SUPPRESSOR SPECIFIC BARRELED UPPER - GTMU 12" Excellent Quality!!!!I received my new upper for an AR Pistol I am building. I have a suppressor so it was important to find a group making suppressor specific upper assemblies. The parts are top of the line, the craftsmanship is no less than excellent and they even responded to a specific request I had to leave off the flash hider because I already had a YHM QD which goes with my YHM suppressor. I am fitting this to a Stag lower and the fit is perfect, even better than a machined billet I used for a previous rifle build. I have built about a dozen AR 15 type rifles and these folks, in my opinion, are the best out there for parts and services. I big thank you and tip of hat to the Mas Defense group. I plan to send them a photo of my build when I am finished and will probably post it to my facebook page as well.

Review by Ryan H. 12/23/2013
10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - GTMU 12" SERIES 10.5" GTMU Upper WOW! Great build, fast shipping. Awesome, can't wait to build another and I will use MAS Defense again no question.Highly recommended.

Review by Sammy S. 12/13/201316" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 12" SERIES Superb Product Ive recently purchased a omega upper 16, shoot it right from the box very accurate no failures. Upper is amazing and loving it. Good customer service fast shipping. Definitely buying again from mas defense.

Review by Andrew S. 12/04/2013

10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 10" SERIES

Great value

This upper is well built and reliable after 250 rounds. Good price. I'd buy another. Highly recommended.

Review by James Y.. 12/04/2013

CUSTOM BUILD - 7.5" Barreled Upper - Jim T.
Badd Azzzzz!!!!!
Worked with Mario on this custom build, REALLY did a great job, this upper ROCKS, and the deal was priced really right too! Love the looks, feel, and the Spikes/Troy quality... thanks, Mario!!

Review by Daniel B. 12/04/2013
10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - YANKEE HILL 9.675" LW 
I looked long and hard for the perfect top end for my first pistol build and I found it here at MAS Defense. Quality was top notch, customer service perfect and shipping was super fast. I will do business with MAS Defense again in the future. THANKS MAS Defense.

Review by Mark S. 11/30/2013
10.5" 300 BLACKOUT BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 10" SERIES OutstandingOutstanding service, value, and performance. I originally left a 4-star rating for this product mostly due to the weird gray finish on the inside of the upper, the owner Mario personally called me on a Saturday to talk to me about my review. It turns out the gray finish is an extra dry lube coating applied over the standard black anodized finish. I could not be happier with my purchase! The gas system is setup as I hoped so it should be able to fire factory subs unsuppressed (I need to fire it to confirm) so it's a bit harsh with supers and a standard buffer but settled down nice by adding a heavy buffer.

Review by Calvin A. 11/26/2013 8" 300 BLK SUPPRESSOR SPECIFIC BARRELED UPPER YHM 9.675" DIAMOND Amazing upper The fit and finish on this upper was better than some of the uppers that I own that cost 3 times as much. It fits perfectly, shoots accuratly, and looks great! Working with MAS defense has been a great experience and this upper is worth every penny I paid for it, and more!

Review by William H. 11/26/2013
7.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 7" SERIES WOW.  I just received my barreled upper and installed it. I wasn't sure that it would cycle properly with a 7 1/2 inch barrel, but I was pleasantly surprised. Fit and finish was excellent. My test fire with slow fire and rapid fire was outstanding. I am extremely satisfied with MAS Defense and their products.I will definitely shop and buy here again. Great job. 

Review by Calvin P. 11/24/2013
16" 300 BLACKOUT BARRELED UPPER - TROY BATTLERAIL ALPHA 15 MAS Defense is Amazing!!! From the very first time I contacted them Mario and team were top notch! They helped me a understand what my options were and how to go about it. The best part about it is they were so fast! And my upper came in about a week. This upper is absolutely sick! These guys are really a great company. I talk about them all the time. I tell everyone I know about them. Post about them on my FB page. I got it all hooked up a Viper PST. And it shots like a dream.

Review by Andrew S. 11/18/2013
16" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - VECTOR 12" SERIES Update to review Want to leave an update to my review BETTER THEN MY SERVICE RIFLE. Finally got a chance to shoot with my new upper. Shot about 250 rounds through and not one single issue. No failures, no misfires. The upper stayed nice and tight nothing came loose. Took the upper back to my armoury to run some test and it passed again with flying colors. So thank you Mas Defense for a hell of good quality upper and craftsmanship. I will definitely be coming back for another one.

Review by Steven M. 11/16/2013

10.5" 300 BLACKOUT BARRELED UPPER - YHM 9.675" DIAMOND Smelton You will not find better quality for a better price. Feel good when you make this purchase. This company does business like I do. Customer being satisfied is a must... The rifle or pistol no matter what you buy has worked for me flawless. Not one round has failed to fire... I have shot with suppressor and without. Great group... I own LWRC&POF rifles and I consider these rifles best of best.. Well after shooting these uppers from MAS I would say the MAS shoots and performs just as good.. I wish I could post my pic of the 100 yard group I have... A 1/2" group at 100 yards with a 10.5" pistol is unheard of. My LWRC shoots a 3/4". Call it how you see it.. Feel great about my purchase.

Review by Jim Z. 11/10/2013
10.5" 300 BLACKOUT BARRELED UPPER - YHM 9.675" DIAMOND Zman 1017Pretty impressed! Did a lot of research before I bought this upper for my 300 AAC Blackout Pistol build. I could not find a lot of reviews on you guys before I bought this but I thought for the price difference I'd take a chance. Well let me tell you......Wow, definately a sweet upper. Finish, fit and function. I could not be happier. Finished my build this morning and took it to the range. All I can say is job well done! I will definately keep you guys in mind for any future purchases. Thank you for the great service and fast shipping!!!!

Review by Jeremy C. 10/31/2013
16" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - YANKEE HILL 12.5" TODD JARRETT Great ProductI love this upper. It looks great on my YHM lower. I have around 1500 rounds through it already and it has been nothing but perfect. MAS also has without a doubt the best customer service of any company I have shopped with. Thanks

Review by Brad R. 10/22/2013


I bought this upper for an AR pistol build. I couldn't be happier with the whole process!!!The item far exceeded my expectations. The price was far less than I have seen elsewhere and it arrived in just a few days after I bought it. I will be ordering from them again soon and will be telling my friends and family to buy from them as well. Keep up the great customer support and quality products.

Review by Joseph K 10/09/2013
10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - TROY BATTLERAIL ALPHA 9″ Beyond Impressed!  I spent over a month running all over the internet and various gun shops, after many phone calls to other companies with no good answers and no lead times given I kept searching. After one short email to Mario I was sold! Honest lead times! Quality Parts that anyone can afford in this economy! I had my complete upper within one week of ordering. Many companies are 6-8 months out! Not MASDefense, I cant wait to start my next build with this group of people! After 100 rounds cycling through my new upper let me tell you it eats brass! Zero unnormal wear in the bcg. I ordered mine with a 1/9 stainless barrel Its gorgeous, thr troy 9" battle rail is awesome to hold on to while shooting. I'm just beyond impressed with MASDefense. I will be referring friends and doing repeat business!

Review by Bradley M. 10/08/2013


I ordered my 300 Blackout, Upper on September 27th, I received it on October 7th. JUST eleven(11) days. I cleaned and oiled it then took it to the firing range. In less then an hour, I fired 250 rounds and not once did I have a problem. The upper worked flawlessly. The next day I took it out again with my friends and again fired around 500 rounds with no problems. This weapon preformed so well that three of my friends plan on buying from MASDefence and I all ready looking at buying a .223 upper. I currently own eight AR-15 platform firearms and this ranks up there with the best.

Review by Parker B. 10/05/2013

16" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - VECTOR 12" SERIES

Great Buy

I had been wanting to buy an ar-15 upper for a long time, trying to finish my build. After months and months of researching I finally found the upper i wanted. Great price, so i decided i would buy it. Great customer service, i called quite a few times asking about my upper and they gladly answered my questions each time. They informed me before i bought it that there was a 3-4 day back up on shipping. I got my upper 1 WEEK after i purchased it! I was AMAZED. Thank you MAS Defense for helping me out, i will definitely buy from here again. I got the product today and it looks amazing very happy.

Review by Ryan P. 09/28/2013

10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 10" SERIES

Awesome Set Up

I bought this upper group with the melonite barrel and attached it to an AR pistol. It is of great quality and the service from MASDefense.com was awesome. I spoke with Mario about the build and made a few upgrades and customizations. He was very knowledgeable and professional and the build quality was perfect. It was a great buying experience and I will definitely turn to MASDefense.com for my next build.

Review by Todd T. 09/15/2013 


Awesome upper

This upper is awesome its top of the line you won't find a better deal anywhere else I highly recommend it. If you want a high quality product for the best price look no further buy this one.


Review by Joshua H. 09/07/2013
10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 10" SERIES

Great product.

I purchased both 300 blackout and 223 uppers in this format and I am extremely happy with both! Great products at a great price.


Review by Elmer R. 09/04/2013

10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - YANKEE HILL 9.675" DIAMOND

Quality product from a fine manufacturer.

I ordered two of these. One for myself and the other one for my brother. We were having a tough time finding AR pistol uppers and I found this company. My order turn around time was one week and the quality of the build was phenomenal. Good turn around time and attention to details. I will recommend this place to my buddies.

Review by Alan S. 09/02/2013

7.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - OMEGA 7" SERIES

Amazing customer service.

I really appreciate how Mario and his team handle business. I love my upper and I am planning my next build. I will be telling everyone I know about this site. It was great working with them. The product is flawless and was made and delivered in no time.

Review by AJ S. 08/26/2013


MAS Defense = Best upper deals you can find.

I searched all over the internet for a great package deal on a complete 7.5" upper and I came across MAS Defense. The available package options makes choosing the right upper setup totally easy for the customer. Spoke with the actual company owner (Mario) on the phone and he answered all my questions for the type of setup I was trying to accomplish. Very professional and friendly. Couldn't ask for better customer service then that. Completed the pistol build and went out to the range this weekend and shot five 30rd mags with no issues at all. Not one FTF, not one FTE, not one problem at all. Everything worked perfectly. Very impressed with not only the upper itself but with MAS Defense and the owners commitment to satisfied customers. I will definitely be purchasing my 10.5 upper from MAS Defense for my next build. I highly recommend purchasing from MAS Defense. You can rest assure you will be treated right and you will receive a quality upper.

Review by Joseph T. 08/19/2013


Too cool.

Love this upper- I bought this little 300blk to run a suppressor on once my paperwork clears. When I called and explained my plans (concerned that the threads wouldn’t be accessible), the guys took the time to put some parts together to customize the project for me- they sent me pictures of viable options within 20 minutes. Eventually I slapped myself on the head, realizing that the outside diameter of the can was small enough to fit inside the rail and we were good to go. When this upper shipped (in a few short days), Mario called me to explain that he had taken a few extra steps to make sure I’d have no problems mounting the suppressor. Awesome customer service from MAS Defense. Once I can find affordable 300 or start to reload, I'll let you guys know how she shoots.

Review by Michael F. 08/18/2013

10.5" 5.56 / .223 BARRELED UPPER - YANKEE HILL 9.675" DIAMOND 


I was a U.S. Marine Infantryman for 22 years retired. The last five years I was the chief Instructor for Infantry Training Battalion and responsible for training have the U.S.M.C infantry in this recent war. Now I am a Law Enforcement Officer. I was looking to purchase an item for my weapon and called the owner. He informed me about the products he had and how they were made (all this time after hours). I ordered the 10.5" .223/5.56 YHM Diamond Upper from MAS Defense and I was impressed with their turn around time. Within a couple of days of ordering online they sent me a shipment tracking notification. A few days later, my new upper arrived and it was exactly as described. I received in a box with paper and bubble wrap, which the product and no damage to it. Take from a Military and Law Enforcement Weapons expert. I would recommend MAS Defense to anyone looking purchase a superior quality product for there weapon at a great price and personal attention from the owner!